It is well known, by experience and observation, that love of this world inspires all sorts of sins, hidden and open; especially such sins which are committed due to dependence upon it.

Its love makes a man intoxicated, and he does not realize its true and evil nature; he loses sight of its offensive character and does not attempt to avoid it. The love of the world drags him from doubtful matters to reprehensible things and then to that which is prohibited. Sometimes it leads him to disbelief.

In fact, all the nations who rejected their Prophets did so because of the love of this world. When the Messengers warned them against the association of partners with Allah and indulging in sinful ways, which were the sources of their worldly status and power, their desire for this world pushed them to deny the Messengers and call them liars.

This shows that every evil act in the world originates from a love of the world.

Do not forget the sin of our parents Adam and Hawwa (Adam and Eve) in the beginning, which was caused by their desire to live forever in this world.

Also remember the disobedience of Satan, caused by the love of power and authority, which is worse than the love of this world.

Pharaoh, Haman, Abu Jahl and his people, as well as the Jews took the path of disbelief for the sake of obtaining power and authority.

Love of this world and power are the main reasons for people going to Hell.

On the other hand, disinterest in this world and authority, are the main reasons for people to enter Paradise.

Drunkenness from the love of this world is far greater than the drunkenness caused by drinking wine. The man intoxicated by the love of this world does not come back to his senses until he lands in his grave. If the veil had been removed from him in the world, he would have come to realize the state of his drunkenness and known that it was deeper than the intoxication caused by wine.

This world fascinates and captivates the mind entirely.

“Excellence of Patience & Gratefulness” by Ibn al-Qayyim, Darussalam Publishers, Abdul Ali