Envy, according to Ghazali, is divided into three types:

  1. When people wish good things are taken away from others and given to them.

  2. When people wish good things are taken away from others, even when they do not get the good things themselves. That might occur when people are in possession of similar things or when they are in no need of them. This is more evil than the first.
  3. When people do not wish that others lose their good things but hate it when they have more than they do in fortune and rank. They want others to have what they have but not more. That’s also forbidden because they have not accepted the decree of Allah, the sublime.

Allah says:

“Are they the ones who divide the blessing of your Lord? We are the ones who have divided their livelihood amongst them in the worldly life and raised some over others in ranks so that some may employ others; but the blessing of your Lord is better than what they accumulate.”

[Quran 43:32 ]

So, people who do not accept the decree are opposing Allah’s decree and wisdom. People have to treat themselves and become acceptable of fate. They should pray for their enemies, which is contrary to the soul.