Some people travel along a desert and feel thirsty when they reach the seacoast. It is well known that sea water is very bitter and salty, yet, they do not feel its bitterness and saltiness because of the intensity of the thirst.

They drink but are not satisfied. The more they drink, the thirstier they feel, until their intestines are torn apart, and they die out of thirst.

The people of reason among them are aware that the seawater is bitter and salty; the more a person drinks it, the thirstier he feels. Therefore, they keep away from it until they reach a cultivable land and dig a well. Sweet cold water flows from it, they quench their thirst by it and use it for cooking.

They call those who are at the seacoast: “Come, here is sweet water.” Some of them mock their call; some others ignore it and are satisfied with what they have. Only a few responds.

This parable was put forth by Jesus (peace be upon him) when he said: “The parable of the seekers of this world is as the one who drinks sea water. The more he drinks, the more his thirst increases until he is killed.