It is said that constant practice leads to a natural disposition. This means that when a person regularly does something, becomes used to it and trains himself by continuously doing it, it becomes a habit and a natural disposition for him.

Habits change one’s nature. A person continues to make an effort to exercise patience until it becomes natural for him. In the same way, forbearance, dignity, tranquillity, and firmness become part of the native character of a person when he continually tries to adopt them. They assert that Allah, the Almighty has created in human beings the potential for learning and adapting.

Transformation of the natural disposition is not impossible. However, this transformation may be weak, and the person may revert to his native character for the slightest reason.

Although strong, it is not complete, and when there is a dominant cause, the person may return to his former habits.

In some cases, however, the transformation is so firm that the newly acquired character becomes second nature for a person and it becomes almost impossible for him to revert to his former character.

Excellence of Patience & Gratefulness by Ibn al-Qayyim, Darussalam Publishers, Abdul Ali